Record store day 2015

record store day 2015

Held every 3rd Saturday in April, Record store day is a day intended to show appreciation for the independent, brick and mortar record stores. It’s a day where artists release special editions of their albums, never-released singles and record stores across the globe hire extra staff to handle all the appreciation.

Sounds great, right? Well, yes. In theory, it’s great, but there are different opinions on the concept.

The good: Yes, it’s great that record stores have one day of

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Discollector, an Android app for

Discollector, a Discogs Android app

Starting or having a record collection is a great hobby, but organizing it can be a pain. People use spreadsheets to catalogue their albums, but the easiest way to create a list of your collection is through It’s a site with a database that holds pretty much any record you can think of. And if it’s not there, you can add it yourself. You can add your wish-list, and when an album on your wishlist is up for sale on the Discogs marketplace, you’ll get a notification.


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Taking care of vinyl


You’re starting to build a little bit of a collection and you want to make sure you keep your records in excellent shape. When cared for properly, vinyl can be enjoyed for years. The proof is all the mint condition, 40-some year old records that are still for sale.

Cleaning records

record-brushThere are various methods of cleaning your records. It’s best practice that you gently dry-brush your record before every or every other play, just so you dust and lint doesn’t get hooked in your needle. I have

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The vinyl glossary


You walk the walk. Now you need to talk the talk. This is a glossary of terms that are often used in the vinyl community, sorted in alphabetical order.

33⅓, 45, 78 – These are RPM (rotations per minute). The standard is the 33 RPM for albums. These are also referred to as LP’s (Long Play records). 45’s are usually 7″ singles of 1 song, with a B-side. 78’s are old, usually thick vinyl, playing only a few songs.

7″ – A 7″ record is

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Setting up your turntable and audio setup.


Great. You have all the components to your setup. Congrats! Now we’re going through each component to make sure you’re getting the optimal sound from it.

1: The turntable

Your turntable should be on a sturdy surface. If you have a wooden floor (in an old house for example), you having a little dance party on the music you’re spinning could cause the needle to jump grooves. Make sure you eliminate as much of the vibrations as possible.

2: The phono preamp

These units are small and can usually

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You bought your turntable. Now what?


It would be nice to be able to listen to some records, no? Now that you’ve bought your turntable, you’ll need some equipment to make music come out of it.

Getting sound from a record takes a few components. To understand what’s going on between the vinyl and your ears, let me explain how sound is being produced. For the sake of keeping things simple, I’ll stick to the main components.

1: The record

As explained in <a title="Turntables; The good and the bad.

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Turntables; The good and the bad.


There are a lot of different types of turntables for sale. You’ll need to decide which way you want to go. Do you want to go the affordable, new way or do you want to do some shopping in thrift stores or on your local classifieds site for a great deal on a vintage turntable? Here are some pointers that helped me make my decision.

You can buy new turntables for very low prices these days. You buy them at Walmart or Sears for cheap, but beware! These tables are mostly Chinese-made, low quality

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I want to share my hobby: Vinyl


At the beginning of this year, I accidentally fell in love with collecting records. Vinyl records may sound like a “hipster” hobby, but I assure you, it’s more than that.
I’ve always been a music addict and growing up, vinyl was always available through my dad’s record collection. In the 90’s, the records were there, but with cd’s being the new thing, they started collecting dust.

Fast forward to 2014/2015. Vinyl is making a slow comeback. This is a debatable

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Chromecast vs. Roku. My opinion.

I’m what you call a “cord cutter”. We don’t have cable or satellite tv at home. We get the news online (via Twitter, for example), we watch TV shows through Netflix and we rent movies off the Google Play store. We’re saving a boat load of money this way, because it doesn’t sit right with me that we have to pay for channels that we never watch and on top of that, we need to watch commercials on the channels we do watch. Did you know that a regular TV show is

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Are you paying too much?

When was the last time you checked if your current cell phone provider has a better deal for you? Up until this morning, my wife hadn’t in well over a year and she found out that she could get a way better deal by simply switching to a plan higher. It’s a couple of dollars more per month, but she’ll get 4 times the minutes and double the data of her old plan.

That made me think: Do people shop for a better deal with other providers, without checking with their existing provider

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