DFF: Birth announcement card

To clarify, DFF stands for “Design for fun”. That said, I also have to confess I cheated a little on this. I designed this card before my post about designing for fun, but whatever. I liked doing it, and it wasn’t a business thing.

My cousin Kim and her hubby Gerr had a design for a card in mind, and found a very small image of a card that they liked online. They asked me if I could make something like it and make it so that the printer could print a good quality card out of it. I based this design on the image they sent me, and sent them the .PSD, to forward to the printer, so they could edit the final text on the card (like name, weight, length and of course, date).

They were kind enough to send the finished card over the big pond to announce the birth of their second girl: Isis. Congratulations!

Here’s the result of my design.

image of a birth announcement card

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