Shopify and me

At the end of last year, I discovered Shopify, after and intensive search for a decent e-commerce solution. I tried several self-hosted solutions, like WP-Commerce, OpenCart, Magento and Interspire, and they boil down to 1 thing: they’re a pain. One is not flexible enough, one’s theming is horrific, another one is too expensive (for clients), or the support sucks and to top all of it: some stores got hacked. In short: I was fed up. I was done updating a site because there was a security hole, or because a theme broke. I’m a designer. I want to design stuff, not fix broken software.

I found Shopify, a hassle-free solution, based on Ruby, a solid platform for apps like these. All I had to do for this was understanding the themes, and Shopify would take care of the rest for me. Sure, it might not be the cheapest to run and it’s not for every business, but I’m convinced it’s so user friendly, pretty much anyone can use it and it’s fairly complete.
Another thing that won me over was the fact that the head office is in Canada. Although Ottawa is about 3000km from here, I still like supporting “local” :)

I finished my first design for a client’s Shopify store* a few days ago. The structure is based on the ripen theme, and I’d like to create my own theme framework eventually. My client is still filling in the blanks, but you get the idea.

My first "live" Shopify theme

* = Just because I made the theme doesn’t mean I endorse the product. Before you start calling me names: I’m a vegetarian.. :)

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